VULTURE - YES CHEF! JULY 29, 2022‘Holy Shit, Have They Not Cut Yet?’ How The Bear captured 18 frantic minutes at The Beef in one take.

GO CREATIVE SHOW - THE BEAR is a masterclass in creating visual chaos and its director of photography Andrew Wehde shares his camera and lighting techniques and philosophies.

PANAVISION - Controlled Chaos in the Kitchen. Cinematographer Andrew Wehde lays out the ingredients that helped lend the FX series The Bear its unique visual flavor.

BELOW THE LINE - The Bear DP Andrew Wehde on Cooking Up the “Review” Episode That Was Shot in One Take.

CONSEQUENCE - The Bear: How Episode 7’s Stunning 18-Minute Single Take Was Made

VARIETY - Andrew Wehde’s cool cyan color palette heightens the pull of the narrative’s grounded, emotionally evocative qualities. There are a few captivating continuous shots where it’s not simply a matter of the actors hitting their precisely choreographed marks, but also dependent on the crafts people hitting their stride. It’s a beautiful, rapturous dance. These long takes are used less as a highly-stylized, distracting gimmick and more as an adroit storytelling tool.

THE WRAP - How ‘The Bear’ Cinematographer Pulled Off That Impressive 18-Minute Take With No Cuts